What 's A Kid To Do After School?

An after school snack and homework always come first. TV? Sometimes, but we have created theme days for each weekday after school. Mya Mondays for when her very young cousin visits for an hour or so and Alex helps babysit. Make It, Bake It, and Take It Tuesday when we help Alex prepare a food item to take home and share with her family. Grandpa Wednesday is a special outing with just the two of us finding a restaurant with a great dessert. Grandma takes over with Crafty Thursday as she and Alex work on a craft project. And since the weekend starts after school on Friday, Relaxing Friday tends to find cartoons or playing outside as the goal.

Scheduling regular events like this sets a pattern that everyone, including Alex, looks forward to and enjoys.


The First Mod Podge Project

Kathy and Alex talk all of the time about craft ideas.  Yes, pinterest.com is the mother of many of their ideas, but they have lots of creativity between them.  A little bit of decorative wrapping paper, an empty Pringles can, some pipe cleaners, some tissue paper, a container of that wonderful do-it-all ingredient mod podge was all it took for the two of them to make this really cute vase and flower arrangement.

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